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About Synergy Camp

Synergy Camp is an awesome program and the best opportunity for students aged 12 to 25 years.

Just imagine how cool it will be when a group of motivated young people gathers in one place aimed to learn something new and enjoy new experience! Academic part contains lectures and practice including MBA program for CEOs, General Directors and Managers, isn’t it fantastic? Don’t you worry, It’s not hard at all! All programs are available for the groups or upon individual request. If you are searching for the best way to spend your holidays, so here we are there for you ready to organize it, provide you with all the benefits and joyful experience.

Success is inevitable with Synergy!


Dull books, uninspiring lectures... and have you ever dreamed about putting chain armor on? πŸ—‘πŸ€΄Just imagine how exciting is it to shoot from the IWW riffle! πŸ”« See, you are riding a horse 🐎 back sword waving — that is how the lessons of History should be! πŸ˜‚ Let us walk along Moscow secret places, where heroes of the greatest Russian books strolled, where completed the destinies of famous marshals and leaders, where the history was created, we got something special for you — quests, interactive lectures...even if you`ve never been fond of History, you`ll become its true fan 😍 Mistic, most famous venues, coolest photo shootings are waiting for you in Living History Show!
Who owns the Law, owns the world.🌎
Acts, rules, rote and night long poring over books... seemed so boring to take up Law but not with Synergy. πŸ€— There are real court sessions In Synergy University! Yes! You bet! Whom you wanna become? πŸ€” First-class lawyer? Protect innocent people? Maybe judge`s cloak is your true dream? Want to become a brilliant negotiator? Want to be self-confident always? Well, if you answered positive at least for one question, we are ready to show you the warm welcome on International Law 😏
Hospitality & Tourism
Golden sands, magnificent skyscrapers, most popular tourist routes 😍 - there is no better place like Dubai πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ or the future billionaires in the sphere of tourism and hospitality to immerse deeply into their future career.πŸ”
Learn how to organize a group tour, how to open the best restaurant, how to run a huge hotel with the help of industrial visits and meetings with the best Dubai companies CEOs.😎
Gas, Oil
Gas and oil sphere is traditionally associated with real big money πŸ€‘. Thanks to UAE oil, Dubai πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ remain powerful on the world arena. The main secret of guaranteed is to integrate into this industry in time. That is why Synergy CamΡ€ offers to comprehend oil and gas industry basics even now to to take up the challenge of upward social mobility in this industry. πŸ”
Well-well-well! We have only a week in New-York... I suggest to have it all!
πŸ‘” attend business start-up course in New-York
πŸ—½ see the Statue of Liberty
🎢 visit the Broadway musical; or the performance with famous movie star involved
🎭 visit Museum of modern art, МОМА
🚒 have a ship trip along the Manhattan skyscrapers and skyline
πŸ” reach the rooftop of the Empire State Building or Top of The Rock
πŸ“Έ take a shot of Flatiron Building
πŸŒ† visit Times Square in the evening
πŸ˜‹ have a dinner enjoying New-York view
πŸ– visit Brighton Beach
🍎 visit the biggest Apple Store near the Central Park
πŸ›’ have a shopping-day
🍝 experience new cuisines from Brazilian to Vietnamese
🍣 taste local sushi, stakes or/and oysters
🚁 enjoy bird’s eye view on Manhattan during the helicopter ride
So what? Catch me if you can!
My friends, what is the winner’s psychology? πŸ€” How to become a winner in any situation? Is it true that if a person succeeds in one case it will cost him nothing to become a winner in another case. Do you want to win? πŸ₯‡
«We are the Champions» is a camp where you are not just prepared physically πŸ’ͺ but also learn the psychology of the winnings from the best business coaches and coaches of Synergy Business School. πŸŽ“
You’re a great athlete, but it’s hard for you to study? — We’ll show you how to outdo everyone and stay yourself! πŸ”
You always stay «in the middle» but you dream to stay " in the first place"? " We are the Champions" is definitely for you! 😎
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Facts about Synergy

Established in 1988, Synergy is an international University with many campuses in Russia and abroad. More than 65,000 students are currently studying with us. Our main building is located in Moscow, at the city center.

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